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This article describes the City of the principles of wireless digital TV network implementation, system architecture and application status, elaborated on SDH digital microwave transmission, digital television platform, digital MMDS building approach and the specific composition of the various parts.

Introduction Baotou City is a large industrial city in north China, with a total area of 27,768 square kilometers, population 2.4 million, under the jurisdiction of the nine counties in the district, of which five agricultural counties in the district, more than 70 million population, rural and pastoral areas an area of 26,499 square kilometers, a vast terrain. Both in the vast grassland, there are rolling mountains; both the relative concentration of the population living in rural areas, there are few of pastoral staff. As the geographical distribution of population and economic conditions and other factors, construction through the city’s rural and pastoral areas Cable television There are enormous difficulties in the network. In recent years the construction of “villages” project, mostly small pieces of cable network and, Number of Programs few poor signal quality, but due to maintenance management system and maintenance funding reasons, many a “back to blind” phenomenon. Even the nine urban areas around the original area, with many farmers and herdsmen can only open the way to receive 3-4 sets do not know the wireless analog TV signals. How to farmers and herdsmen from the fundamental solution to the difficult problem watching TV, construction of rural and pastoral areas Radio and TV Basic network to ensure network security and long-term nature, so that the peasants and herdsmen to see dozens of sets of high definition Digital TV Program is the development of Baotou City, and radio and television building of new socialist countryside is an important topic.


2004 onwards, according to national SARFT Digital transformation of microwave proposed policy guidelines, Baotou City, Radio and Television Bureau of the original three analog microwave circuits the digital transformation; and a new digital TV platform and five digital MMDS, transfer of 56 sets of digital television programs. Initially built the city’s wireless digital TV backbone network, the basic construction of the rural, pastoral radio and television public service system, and achieved good social and economic benefits.

Wireless digital TV network role and function

Baotou wireless digital TV network construction and operation, full account of the header of economic strength, geographical location, population distribution and existing resources, access to different ways to expand digital radio and television and agricultural science and technology information of Wireless Coverage . Wireless digital TV network has the following features:

(1) ethnic minority border areas to promote the development of radio and television to meet the farmers and herdsmen of the spiritual and cultural needs, improve the cultural quality of farmers and herdsmen and rural morality to Baotou rural and pastoral areas before entering radio and television the digital age. While radio and television coverage of Baotou City project, the construction of new socialist countryside provides programs, information and technical support platform, build from Baotou City in rural and pastoral areas of public service broadcasting system. Further narrowing the urban-rural information gap, opening up the rural and pastoral areas and popularizing science and technology skills training the new channel.

(2) further strengthened the security of the city’s radio and television broadcast and security systems, give full play to the national security alert system, improve the prevention of hostile forces radio and television signal interference and destruction of infrastructure capacity.

(3) according to the state of the microwave, Satellite , Cable, three different transmission techniques in the planning, construction strict compliance with its network of national and industry standards, optimizing resource allocation, to ensure that the wireless digital TV network management, maintenance, operations security, stability and reliability.

(4) wireless digital TV network construction, the completion of the microwave transmission equipment, digital transformation, so that microwave transmission of this important strategy, combat readiness, resources and technical support means and its effects into full play. And, for the first time in SDH digital microwave transmission circuits 3 mountain microwave relay station, microwave-frequency repeater technology with success. Save a lot of construction and maintenance funds. More than 5000 km for the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in Digital Transformation accumulated experience.

Wireless digital TV network access basic programs

According to the actual situation of Baotou City, the whole city wireless digital TV network construction is in accordance with the different regions, different users, by SDH microwave transmission system and digital MMDS cover system, flexible digital television programs and information cable network in all counties in the area rural pastoral cable network and scattered small pieces of the user’s wireless access of farmers and herdsmen.

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*THIS VIDEO IS MAINLY FOR MY CANADIAN VIEWERS AND I AM GIVING A HEADS UP ON WHAT’S HAPPENING.* This is 2 commercials that I found while I was watching TV. Canada is going to make the switch from analog to DTV at the end of the month. (August 31st) Be ready for that when it finally happens.
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On March 26, 2008, Jewelry Television filed suit in the U.S. District Court in Tennessee against Lloyd’s of London, as a result of a criminal scheme the company alleges took place in 2006 and 2007. A person used a bank account of the Office of the Comptroller of the City of New York to buy more than .5 million in jewelry. Jewelry Television has cited that Lloyd’s is exploiting a loophole in their insurance agreement to withhold recompensing the jeweler.

On May 23, 2008, a million class action lawsuit was filed in California against Jewelry Television. The suit alleges since 2003 the shopping network has sold treated gemstones without disclosing the treatment while promising buyers that these stones were rare and untreated.
On May 19, 2009, a lawsuit was filed against Jewelry Television alleging wrongful termination and age discrimination, alleging a “scheme” to get rid of employees with expensive health care costs.



^ “ News – Jewelry TV Sues Lloyd’s, Plans More Suits in M e-Payment Fraud”. Retrieved 2008-03-29. 

^ “ – Jewelry TV Blasted in Suit- Shopping network sold stones deceptively, customer alleges”. Retrieved 2008-06-03. 

^ Harrington, Carly (2009-05-19). “Ex-Jewelry Television exec sues network”. Knoxville News-Sentinel. Retrieved 2009-05-20. 

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Recent years, as people’s desire for high-definition TV signals, digital television was booming, completely abandon the analog TV to watch programs there are reticulate, snow, noise and other phenomena, so that people feel the information on Digital Transfer of fruit.

The hotel as a key tourist hotel in terms of entertainment, the CCTV system is the understanding of domestic and foreign guests, news, watching film and television, entertainment and other major carriers, the quality of its television signal for the reputation of the hotel, guests mood regulation is important. In order to meet passenger demand for viewing high-definition television signals, most of the hotel Hotel and gradually build digital television system. However, if the TV set-top boxes are coupled not only to purchase a large number of set-top boxes need to spend large sums of money, but the cost per year of the ratings is spending a small fortune, enough so that hotel and hostel operators headaches. To do this, how to build both high-definition TV signal receiver, but also save costs for digital TV audience ratings system, has become the hotel operator was the immediate problem. Albert

Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing Haight (http://www, as a domestic supplier of professional broadcasting industry, for hotel and hostel industry challenges facing the digital TV viewing, the Joint United States, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutes established specifically the research group, conducted in-depth investigation, research, development and design, the first in the framework of the set of “economic, scientific, practical,” in one of the hotel and hostel digital TV switch to analog systems. The platform has a simple construction, of excellent cheap, economic practicability, the hotel Hotel Digital TV switch to analog system of choice.

Two, hotel digital TV switch to analog system design basis

Hotel and hostel digital TV switch to analog system solutions, Haight Albert designed in strict accordance with relevant national standards and industry standard design, the main basis for the following:

GB50200? 94 “Cable TV Systems Technology Standards ”

GB6510? 1996 “television and sound signals of cable distribution systems,”

GB11318? 89 “30MHz-1GHz sound and television signals of cable distribution system equipment and components”

GY/T106? 92 “cable television system technical specifications”

GY/T118? 1995 “cable television and cable broadcasting of cable transmission system technical requirements”

Film and Television Bureau GF technical words [1993] 796 Man “on the cable system network technology advice at this stage”

3, hotel digital TV switch to analog system design principles

Hotel and hostel digital TV switch analog system design, Hite Albert follow the “advanced nature, science, economy, practicality,” the principle of unity, to create clear and stylish platform for digital TV switch to analog systems.

Advanced: Hotel Hotel Digital TV switch to analog system uses the most advanced digital signal multiplexing demodulation, RF high frequency modulation techniques, digital TV switch to analog systems to ensure a clear signal.

Science: Hotel Hotel Digital TV switch to analog system uses high reliability frequency vestigial sideband SAW filter, a variety of lock modes, scientific control channel attenuation, flatness, modulation, so that channel modulation stable, reliable, does not appear intermodulation, interference phenomenon.

Stability: Hotel Hotel Digital TV switch to analog system is stable and reliable GaAs RF devices, ensure a high carrier to noise ratio, high reliability and easy operation.

Economy: hotels Hotel Digital TV switch to analog systems economy for all to see, building use fee of only pure digital television system, one of a dozen points, considerable savings in hotel and hostel expenses.

Four, hotel digital TV switch to analog system design theory

1, hotel and hostel digital TV switch to analog systems theory

Typically, digital TV signals through the cable involved Hotels. First, a digital TV signal transmission cable access optical receiver, the digital television signal from the optical signals into RF radio frequency signal; and then, through the distributor will be multiple digital TV signals distribution, multi-input digital television demodulator devices, digital TV demodulator into a ring clear and true video signal; then enter the professional Adjacent Modulator host of different TV signals modulated high-frequency band to different; Finally, a number of different frequency modulated television signals, the output to adjacent channel mixer for frequency division multiplexing, through trunk amplifier, output to the original CCTV network, the hotel hotel, hotel transfer to the hotel TV, via remote control to watch.

4.2 Hotel Hotel Digital TV switch to analog system diagram

Hotel and hostel digital TV switch to analog system design theory

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Become a national entertainment to benefit the people of the important positions, plan the future development of its social benefits are the key.

HC TV Network Digital television broadcasting to today, primarily through three methods: digital cable TV broadcasting, digital terrestrial radio broadcasting and digital satellite broadcasting. And wireless terrestrial television coverage as wide spread high, in the suburbs and rural areas Radio and TV Communication has an important role. Therefore, in order to serve the public good for the purpose of digital terrestrial television (referred to as CTTB) to benefit the people as a national entertainment important position, its social benefits is the key to the future development plan.

From abroad to promote the application of terrestrial digital TV experience point of view, the initial phase of digital terrestrial television will be defined as a public good public services, countries have introduced policies to promote financial support for promotion, because only if all users can watch digital terrestrial TV after the close simulation to achieve the goal of wireless terrestrial television. China is no exception, in 2008 the Ministry of Finance on the ground in the next few years, the number Mobile TV Networking 2.5 billion allocated funds, the specific launch means that China will establish a comprehensive coverage of the terrestrial digital TV network.

Thus, in the Government’s financial support, terrestrial digital television established its own planning objectives: According to our whole society and the requirements of public cultural service system, with 3 to 5 years, will be built for the purpose of providing public services national terrestrial digital television coverage, nationwide about 90% of the population, except in remote mountainous areas, the majority of urban and rural residents to enjoy terrestrial digital television services.

2009, the Chinese terrestrial digital TV working steadily ahead. In frequency planning, and network building, and the corresponding supporting the development of standards have made the development of plans to implement the next step is also an orderly manner. It can be said that China’s terrestrial digital TV has been strong government support, so all future applications and prospects can be sighted.

Review article Wireless coverage Way to achieve the first since the founding of new China Radio and TV programs people watch. In recent years, from the analog signal to digital signal conversion process, the terrestrial digital TV promotion of the work is still significant in phases. 8

2006, the National Standards Committee digital television terrestrial broadcasting transmission enacted national mandatory standard “digital terrestrial television broadcasting transmission system frame structure, channel coding and modulation” (20600-2006), China’s digital television development into the fast advancing new phase.

2007 2 20 SARFT Release “to further regulate terrestrial digital TV system technology trial to inform.” Notice that the SARFT set up a leading group and working groups, organizations promoting the technology, standards, policies, regulations and other preparatory work to strengthen the national application of national standard guide, with the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Information Industry and other relevant departments to coordinate the promotion of standards The industrialization process and the supporting work. Emphasized in the above work is completed, they will not have the large-scale test conditions for terrestrial digital television. Mobile digital TV trial clearly focused on the conversion of existing international system of non-work, before completion of technical preparations, suspended approval for new trial, without Administration approval, no unit will be allowed to test terrestrial digital television technology and the illegal use of electricity Video Road approved for terrestrial digital television unit test may not be used without the Administration’s terrestrial digital TV network finds the wireless launch, transmission and reception equipment.

2007 3 months, Beijing launched terrestrial digital TV broadcasting trial, at the end basically completed. October 12, 2007, Shenzhen held a launch terrestrial digital TV broadcasting, an official national standard of terrestrial digital television pilot, became the first official implementation of the national standards of the city, also marks the official national standard for terrestrial digital TV promotion stage . December 2007, during the trial application model based on the recommendations, and identified seven kinds of application mode

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For the digital TV One machine, the way to machine card separation have to make choices. Machine Card Separation is also Europe and the United States and other areas of digital television development approach adopted earlier. The difference is that the relevant departments in China need one machine as soon as possible on the digital TV gives a clear product requirements and technical specifications.

As used by operators around the conditional access (CA), Electronic Program Guide (EPG), Downloader (Loader) and value-added services middleware (MiddleWare) and other systems are different, digital TV set-top boxes around the operator must small-scale customization, so that digital TV can not quickly enter the market one machine.

Operators around the system, the development of different constraints

China since 2003 to promote digital television since the related products, services and users has made great progress. To varying degrees around the television to achieve the digital, but around the use of network architecture, and digital product business model is different.

In accordance with the broadcasting sector planning during the transition period over analog TV programs and broadcast digital television programs meet the demand, simulation programs will be gradually reduced, the digital programming will gradually increase. Among them, the digital television set-top boxes currently used to receive, but also from all over the radio and television set-top box is the operator re-issued purchase or sell the user.

As used by operators around the conditional access, electronic program guide, download devices and value-added business systems such as different middleware, digital television set-top boxes around the radio and television operators must carry out small-scale customization, so difficult to achieve digital TV set-top box mass production is difficult to reduce maintenance costs, which to some extent, restricted the development of digital television market, but also to digital TV One machine can quickly enter the market.


National digital terrestrial television broadcasting standard announced in August 2006 and was enforced in August 2007, digital TV integrated industrial machine began to rules to follow. Up to now, foreign

TV Most manufacturers in China released a digital TV integrated machine products, but marketing these products into the small shopping centers in the vast majority of TV is still only receive analog TV programs.

Fact, the current TV market has gradually formed a high-definition

Flat Panel TV The mainstream of the situation, these flat-panel high-definition TV with a digital image display technology, image quality significantly improved, consumers may think that this is the digital television, this is actually a misunderstanding.

Digital TV integrated machine (Integrateddig-italTV, iDTV) or rather with a digital TV signal reception and decoding of color television. With existing high-definition display television is the difference between the integrated digital audio and video decoder, without the need for an external set-top box to receive digital TV signals. Therefore, strictly speaking, not necessarily high-definition TV shows in digital TV.

Digital TV includes a digital channel receiver, digital audio and video decoding and playback of digital image display functions such as voice-related components. Therefore, the digital television body machine must be able to receive television in the digital signal directly, and can be decoded to watch digital television programs and related program information.

According to China’s relevant standards, the digital channel is to be built-in digital tuner to receive demodulation function, including GB at least terrestrial broadcasting reception module, video and audio decoding at least support the MPEG-2 compression coding standard, HD 1080i image display should support at least or 720P resolution.

Machine Card Separation can alleviate the problem of scale

Digital TV is facing the dilemma is difficult to spread rapidly, mainly due to: in the current set-top box must be “tailored” mode, the formation of regional products, business model, and the traditional TV industry, manufacturing and sales way out of tune.

Therefore, the state government departments to develop a digital TV receiver machine card separation of industrial policy, and the enactment of China’s independent intellectual property machine card separation standards, conditional access and other regional services, and receiver separation, breaking the The current vertical sales model, the ultimate digital TV receiver in the market, the level of sales.

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The governments shorter video explaining the digital television transition. Original source at
Video Rating: 2 / 5

in the


Industry, digital TV to replace the traditional analog TV an increasing demand for digital TV services in more and more, China is the industry that will be the world’s largest digital TV market. Why digital? China’s digital TV which will bring the domestic components manufacturers new opportunities and challenges? With these questions, “International Electronic Transformer” reporter interviewed the industry related businesses.

Industry manufacturers look forward to new opportunities for digital TV

In the current TV market, digital television is the most exciting people to talk about one topic. Digital TV is divided into high-definition television (HDTV), enhanced-definition television (EDTV) and standard definition television (SDTV) three categories, as digital TV is kind of new things, introduce a number of relevant reports and articles will always be some paradoxical concept, such as ”


TV “,” digital TV “,” full media TV, “” multi-media TV, “and so on, affect the right of consumers to understand digital television. In fact,” digital TV “is defined to mean television signal processing, transmission, emission and receive digital signals used during the TV system or TV equipment, as it were the whole process of dealing with digital technology, so we have a signal loss, reception good advantage. in digital television, because using two-way information transfer technology, increased interaction, and they give new information on television

Home Appliances

Function, so that people can access a variety of needs according to their own network of services, including video on demand, online shopping, distance learning, telemedicine and so on. Among them, video on demand (VOD) to provide digital television services, the most important way of viewing it as unlike traditional TV, users can only passively watch television programs, it provides more freedom, more choice rights, greater interactivity, communication users in need, the user of the point of view, effectively enhancing program participation, interaction, and relevance.

Compared with analog TV, digital TV has the following characteristics: First, the digital television viewing effective, high-definition images, audio, high quality and meet the needs of the consumer sensory; second anti-interference ability. Digital TV less susceptible to outside interference, to avoid a string of Taiwan, crosstalk, noise and other effects; third, transmission efficiency. Use of cable television in analog channel can send 8? 10 sets of standard-definition digital TV programs. As digital television has the above characteristics, the industry believe that the emergence of digital television to watch rich people not only to meet more


Depending on the needs of programs and brought ordinary TV into a home multimedia information terminals, digital TV solution for people through all aspects of their basic necessities the needs of the TV idea from watching TV into with TV, TV transmission mode into the television and users of multi-multipoint bi-directional network communication.

The one hand, war-torn TV companies are killing the one hand, people’s enthusiasm for digital television is still not high up there on the other hand is the digital TV operators are still struggling to explore the profit model, these areas formed China is still groping in the development of the digital TV industry status quo. Nevertheless, reporters visited a number of companies are all digital TV will bring new market opportunities are full of expectation. According to relevant statistics, China’s digital TV subscribers by 2007 had reached 26 million, Peibo Electronics Co., Ltd sales manager Wu Junyi told reporters: “For digital television to the new market opportunities, we look forward to. In the next year there will be a digital television into the United States boom, which will enhance the components of the market demand. ”

Ferrite components encountered significant advantage of the new requirements

Digital television based on the television ratings have good, high-definition images, audio, high quality, anti-jamming capability, transmission efficiency is high, the performance of its components also made new demands, such as high-power, low- power, and strong anti-interference. For the consumer, can direct experience of digital TV and analog TV the biggest difference, of course, first and foremost high-definition television screen, analog TV will no longer appear the dots and see TV as immersive. Display backlight backlighting transformer as part of the system, its quality is particularly important.

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Freeview is the new Free to Air digital television service available now to all New Zealanders. Freeview Digital TV provides clearer pictures, sharper sound and a better choice of programmes than current analogue technology. New Zealander’s can access Freeview nz digital TV programmes now through a Freeview or Free to Air Set Top Box and a satellite dish.

Digital Satellite can be recorded using a Personal Video Recorder (PVR). A PVR allows you to record TV or radio signals from the satellite, and then play them back whenever you wish. You can also use a DVD recorder or VCR with a standard set top box.


Available now from is the Hyundai HSS-880HCI+ with twin tuners allow you to record one program while you watch another. Time shift recording allows you to pause a live broadcast and return to it moments or hours later and continue where you left off. The 160GB hard disk inside allows one to record a duration of 88 hours of programs.

The new UltraPlus micro PVRs have also just arrived at and feature the most advanced digital satellite receiver technology available. Simply connect an external USB 2.0 HDD and you can schedule programs to be recorded from the EPG (electronic program guide).

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The Human Abstract – Digital Veil ALBUM IN STORES NOW! DOWNLOAD ON iTunes NOW Video Directed by Scott Hansen Lyrics: Pull me from the gallows of this fiber-optic nation I cannot compute why we celebrate this mediocrity Just let me download my latest update right now Just give me access to my latest opinion Now, now, give it now Unplug me from this fantasy my eyes have seen the sun Have we all become voyeurs covered by this digital veil Direct my mind just keep me occupied don’t let me find something that is worth my time We like to think that we are more connected but the truth is that we’ve never been more divided It’s just too awkward I need my digital veil Blow the lid off your hard drive and even if I can’t comprehend my place in this world Pull me from the gallows of this fiber-optic nation
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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If you are lucky enough to live in a designated conservation area, your home is probably surrounded by buildings of strong historical and social interest or in an area of outstanding beauty. Whilst we’d all love to live somewhere beautiful or historically interesting (and specified conservation areas often fall into both categories) living in one of these special places carries with it certain responsibilities. Those responsibilities aren’t just moral requirements, they are laid down in the statute books. A whole different set of planning regulations apply in conservation areas and it can be a lot more difficult to get council permission for renovations, extensions, demolition work and anything else that has an impact, however small, on the landscape. That includes lopping of trees and shrubbery, taking away outbuildings, and even installing a digital tv aerial. The skyline of any building in a conservation area is subject to protection and that means sticking digital satellite receivers right up on top of the roof is going to be frowned upon. The local council does have the power to order conservation area homeowners to remove or re-site a digital tv aerial that is deemed unsightly. As the digital television switchover rolls out across the UK those living in the most spectacular and historically important places naturally want to get the same benefits from the new system as anywhere else. It follows that both the number of satellite installations in conservation areas is on the rise and so are the conflicts they can cause. Most of the time, however, it is perfectly pos sible to install aerials and satellite receivers in conservation areas. All it takes is a little care and discretion and perhaps the right choice of receiver. The best of satellite installation companies have learned the best ways to place the equipment required to receive high quality digital signals and many of them can offer a special service to those living within designated conversation areas.

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Online Satellite Tv For Pc is becoming more and popular everyday due to affordabity and the increasing number of extremely entertaining high quality free channels. Once you become a member at a one time registration fee you will get to download some simple software which will enable you watch over 3000 high quality live television channels on your Pc in all categories like, Movie Channels, Kids Tv, Music, News, Adult movie channels and many more. No need for you to purchase a satellite dish or install multiple satellite dishes to increase your choice of television channels, this will cost you thousands of dollars and still there is no way you will receive over 3000 channels to watch, save money and get the best offer not possible anywhere else. Click here to download software.


Benefits of Satellite Tv on Pc:

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installation costs enabling you to save thousands of dollars.

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You receive over 3000 live Television channels within a few minutes of becoming a member.

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Satellite Tv on Pc channels are available in over 150 languages

The site offers money back guarantee.

Many people have spend a lot of money on satellite dish television without the knowledge of Satellite Tv for Pc in the efforts of trying to find high quality channels, some have even gone to the extend of purchasing multiple satellite in order to increase their choice of channels, but most of them have ended up frustrated since they end up receiving limited channels of poor quality and most of which are irrelevant to them. By Watching satellite Tv on your Pc you simply get more than you pay for including bonuses. No need to wait Click here to download Satellite Tv For Pc software.


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Quality is the main aim of the Digital TVs. You cannot expect the distortion in the audio and the blurred video in the Digital TVs. This superb technology provides the better audio and audio as well with its s\high technology. High defination TV, standard defination TV and the enhanced defination TV are the varieties of these Digital Television

One might get confused with so many options available in the market in the digital TVs. In this case the online portals are the best option for the price compare and this is not all, they even provide the cash back on unsatisfactory services only in the case that the product have been brought from the same portal.

There are options in the market for the digital TVs so you cannot expect the best amongst all there are pros and cons with each of them. The subscription and the installation charges are  also totally different from each other and it is up to you that which provider provides you the best of the facility. Each and every provider has some schemes and something to offer to the customers so one should make the best use of their plans and should know about whatever they are providing from channels to any more things. One must enquire about the channels, which they wish to view whether they provide it or not.

So, if you willing to get a Digital TV in your  room then don’t wait and go through the internet and if you wish you can even go for the suggestions of your loved ones. If hey are availing the same facility then they sure can give you the best information. But before buying any of the digital TV you must go through all the details.

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