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Miami Beach Leads the U.S. in Worst Winter Weather for 2009-2010 Season

Atlanta, GA (Vocus) March 20, 2010

In honor of the first day of spring this Saturday, March 20, The Weather Channel is helping the residents of Miami Beach, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and others breathe a huge sigh of relief. Over the past three months, their cities lead the United States in the “worst winter weather” for the season, according to data compiled by The Weather Channel.

A combination of sustained precipitation and prolonged cold temperatures from December 2009 to February 2010 shattered previous decades-old records and created memorable firsts.

    Miami Beach, FL, and the surrounding area experienced their second coldest winter since 1927
    Baltimore, MD, experienced record snowfalls of 77 in., including the nearby BWI Airport (31 in.) and Washington-Dulles International Airport (26 in.)
    Three of the top 10 snowstorms on record for Philadelphia, PA, occurred this season
    This season marked a first for Dallas, TX: falling snow on December 24, Christmas Eve

The top ten lists for the worst – and best – winter weather cities for 2009-2010 are as follows:

Worst Winter Weather U.S. Cities of 2009-2010 season

1. Miami Beach, FL

2. TIE: Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC

3. Philadelphia, PA

4. Dallas, TX

5. Oklahoma City, OK

6. Atlantic City, NJ

7. Fargo, ND

8. Atlanta, GA

9. Des Moines, IA

10. Portland, ME

Best Winter Weather U.S. Cities of 2009-2010 season

1. Seattle, WA

2. Taos, NM

3. Portland, OR

4. Honolulu, HI

5. Spokane, WA

6. Alpena, MI

7. Denver, CO

8. Fairbanks, AK

9. Los Angeles, CA

10. Boston, MA

SOURCE: The Weather Channel

Data was compiled by The Weather Channel meteorology team between December 1, 2009 through February 28, 2010, and included weather conditions and socio-economic related variables, as compared to average 30-year climatological data. For more information, visit

About The Weather Channel Companies

The Weather Channel Companies (TWCC) is made up of The Weather Channel television network, The Weather Channel digital properties, and Weather Services International (WSI). The Weather Channel® is based in Atlanta and is seen in more than 99 million U.S. households. TWC also operates Weatherscan, a 24-hour all-local weather network; The Weather Channel Radio Network; and The Weather Channel HD. The digital properties of TWC, which include the® site, The Weather Channel Desktop and The Weather Channel Mobile, reach more than 40 million unique users online each month and is the most popular source of online weather, news and information according to Nielsen//NetRatings. WSI, headquartered in Andover, MA, primarily provides business-to-business weather services, particularly for the media, aviation, marine and energy sectors. TWCC is owned by a consortium made up of NBC Universal and the private equity firms The Blackstone Group and Bain Capital. For more information, visit


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Small Creative Agency, Neo-Pangea, Leads Online Marketing for National Geographic’s Most Ambitious Endeavor in its 122-Year History

Great Migrations

Reading, PA (PRWEB) November 29, 2010

Neo-Pangea and National Geographic channel invite you to take part in the planet’s Great Migration.

It’s been said that a bunch of wild animals are running the show at Neo-Pangea… and now that rumor has been confirmed. The herd at Neo-Pangea sharpened their claws when they joined forces with the National Geographic Channel to create their most ambitious interactive experience to date.

Great Migrations is a world-wide programming event. The seven-hour miniseries, scheduled for fall 2010, will be presented in high-definition and include four core hours focused on animal migrations across the globe. Still in production, Great Migrations, the most monumental pursuit in the National Geographic Society’s 120-year history, features advanced film technology to capture spectacular footage and rare behaviors of the migrating animals.

The Great Migrations website is an international campaign which Neo-Pangea designed to promote National Geographic channel’s Great Migrations series. The craftsmanship reflects the grandeur of the mini-series which rivals all other nature documentaries in its scope and style. A 3D Migration Globe allows users to explore the migratory patterns of twelve different animals from a global perspective while brandishing the details of each creature’s travels. 3D Animal Interactives create an enhanced learning experience about each migrating species that is so intense you’ll practically smell the pelts. Virtually rotate and roll each critter in three dimensional space to lean about how its anatomy aides in migration. Get to know the wings of a Flying Fox or the multiple mini-mouths of a Golden Jellyfish. Find out if an Elephant Seal has big ears or if a Wildebeest has crazy armpit hair. Neo-Pangea challenges you to prevent the extinction of your curiosity.

“Sometimes when I’m at home I imagine that I’m a zebra, now I have an excuse!” said Neo-Pangea’s Creative Director Brett Bagenstose “I can’t keep my hands off this website. When I want to play “zebras” with my kids we check out these interactives and then become a herd galloping at full tilt across the veldt! Either that or a unicorn. Unicorns are pretty awesome too.”

MOVE! is National Geographic Channel’s free online game celebrates the central theme of its global television event, Great Migrations – to move is to live. Sign in and create your migration-leader – command a herd of Zebras or Wildebeests on their arduous journey across the Serengeti. You are in control – keep moving and leave hungry predators in your dust – or – risk attack when you stop to graze and regain precious energy. Uncover surprising power-ups that give your herd special advantages over dangerous predators and unforgiving terrain.

However, you are not alone on your migration! Invite your Facebook friends to join you on one of 13 regional teams across the world in a global competition to build the biggest herd and complete the most migrations! Share or request power-ups with friends in your network and trade herd-members for temporary advantage. Play for the good of your herd, or work with friends on your team to build the biggest migration on Earth! Will you MOVE AS MILLIONS or SURVIVE AS ONE?

“The central idea behind this game is every person’s worst nightmare, but it’s everyday life for these animals. Your entire family is in danger and they are depending on you for direction and survival! You’re the leader and everyone you care about must come with you if they want to live…” said Neo-Pangea’s Creative Director Brett Bagenstose using an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent. Neo-Pangea’s Ambassador of Inspiration Aaron Beaucher responded to Bagenstose’s comments by yelling, “Murderous Future Cyborg!”

A 3D Migration Globe is a Flash interactive that allows users to explore the migratory patterns of twelve different animals from space. When a land or sea dwelling animal is selected the user flies into its global position and the animal’s current migration path and location is revealed as fluid, arching streams of light. Details about the creature and its travels are also provided to make you feel brainy.

The interactive itself was produced using a variety of 2D and 3D tools and techniques, including Papervision 3D for the globe and environment, the Flint particle system for tracking the animal data, and a trunk-full of custom-built effects. By placing a small, unobtrusive 2 meter tracking harpoon into each animals’ most accessible orifice (as determined by our rather sore intern), Neo-Pangea has been able to obtain the geo-position information of a number of animals as they participated in their migratory patterns. This information is then fed into our Neo-Pangea Effects Supercomputer (NES) punch-card by punch-card to generate the beams of light seen in the map. So when you see a herd of animals streak across the ground, think of what those poor butterflies had to go through to make you smarter.

Join the migration for yourself, visit:

Neo-Pangea is an innovative digital agency that specializes in digital video production, Web design, 3D design, interactive experiences, and live-environment multimedia. It has created successful promotions for Fortune 100 brands across the globe such as National Geographic Channel, Comcast, and Wal-Mart. For more information, visit

Based at the National Geographic Society headquarters in Washington, D.C., the National Geographic Channel (NGC) is a joint venture between National Geographic Ventures (NGV) and Fox Cable Networks (FCN). Since launching in January 2001, NGC initially earned some of the fastest distribution growth in the history of cable and more recently the fastest ratings growth in television. The network celebrated its fifth anniversary January 2006 with the launch of NGC HD which provides the spectacular imagery that National Geographic is known for in stunning high-definition. NGC has carriage with all of the nation’s major cable and satellite television providers, making it currently available in nearly 70 million homes. For more information, please visit

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Huge Viewer Response Leads to More Time Slots for Race Central TV to Air on National/Global Network – MavTV

Denver (PRWEB) June 11, 2009

Responding to viewer feedback and demand, global, 24-hour, HD television network MavTV will provide encore presentations of Race Central TV in addition to its curent, prime time, Friday night slot at 8:00 p.m., EDT.

Race Central TV, the premier home for all forms of Motorsports in North America, can now be seen again on MavTV Wednesdays at 1:30 and 6:30 p.m., Fridays at 12:30 and 5:30 p.m., Saturdays at 7:00 p.m., and Sunday morning at 1:00 a.m. (all times EDT), giving Race Central three hours of additional national and global television exposure.    

“We knew going in that MavTV was the perfect match for us and the feedback we’ve received and the resulting increase in coverage validates this partnership,” said Kurt Hansen, COO of Motorsports Media Inc. and host of Race Central TV. “MavTV giving Race Central an additional three hours of exposure every week so soon in our relationship is an honor and will inspire all of us affiliated with the program to work even harder to bring the best guests, information and entertainment in the world of racing to our audience, not to mention this huge advertising bonus to our Sponsor Partners.”

MavTV is an exciting and cutting-edge, 24-hour HD television network targeting men. MavTV has not only expanded Race Central TV’s reach in the United States, but also distributes the show globally to Europe, South & Central America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, and parts of Asia. The partnership brings many assets to the show such as IPTV and mobile downloads to its many fans. For more information, visit

About Race Central

Race Central TV, Race Central Radio and Race Central Webcasts are the productions of Motorsports Media Group, Inc. Founded by former driver and current motorsports insider Kurt Hansen, Race Central brings the greatest names in motorsports to race fans throughout America and the world via multiple platforms: TV, radio and webcasts. Race Central TV reaches tens of millions of American homes, and enables its many sponsors and partners to reach their target audiences with marketing horsepower. Race Central is presented weekly by STP Concrete, Colorado National Speedway, Daveco Liquors, Bear Frame and Axle, Miller Motorsports Park, Akamai Systems Consulting, Motor Sports Country Club-Ring of The Rockies, Lemay-Americas Car Museum, Little Fish PR, Park Centre Lounge and Grille, Sheraton Hotel Lakewood, Marriott Hotel DIA, Bimmerhaus and Stuggart MBZ. Race Central Radio can be heard every Friday from 6 PM-8 PM . MST on Colorado’s Sporting News Radio affiliate, Mile High Sport Radio AM 1510, part of the Altitude Sports Radio Network and can be heard around the world via the World Wide Web by going to and clicking the “listen live” link. For more information visit All Race Central TV Broadcasts can be seen at, our streaming television site. For sponsorship, partnership and editorial opportunities, please contact Rich Branch, E.V.P. of Race Central TV and Radio Network Partners at 949.200.7369.

About MavTV

MavTV is a 24-hour cable and satellite television network targeting the male demographic. It was launched on October 1, 2004 and is available in over 70 markets across the U.S., Canada, the UK and Australia among others internationally. With a variety of original programming that includes series like “AMA Motorcycle Racing,” “American Tailgater,” “Bikini All-Stars,” “Ultimate Combat Experience,” and “Lucas Oil Motorsports Events.” MavTV continues to grow and added an HD feed in August 2008. In March 2008, the independently owned and operated MavTV partnered with Lucas Oil Products ( in a comprehensive, strategic agreement that includes a significant investment by Lucas Oil in MavTV over the next four years.    


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More HD Television Press Releases

Sioux Falls, SD (PRWEB) January 12, 2007

LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation (NASDAQ: LNET), the world leader in interactive TV and broadband solutions to hotels, today announced its SIGNETURE HDTVSM guest entertainment solution is contracted for over 80,000 hotel rooms and was deployed to more than 17,000 hotel rooms as of December 31, 2006. LodgeNet also leads the hospitality industry by delivering the most available Hollywood theatrical HD content to hotel guests with approximately 20% of video on demand movies available in high definition each month

“2006 was the year the hotel industry committed to HDTV,” said David Bankers, LodgeNet’s Senior Vice President, Product and Technology Development. “Our SIGNETURE HDTV platform helped make the decision easy for hoteliers by enabling them to ‘WOW’ their guests with an entertainment experience matching the impact of their new, ultra-modern flat panel TVs.”

As evidence of LodgeNet’s commitment to helping hotels make the move to HDTV easy, Bankers pointed to the company’s TV Compatibility Program, under which TV vendors have specific models tested and certified as being compatible with LodgeNet’s HDTV platform. “We launched the TV Compatibility Program to help hoteliers sift through the growing assortment of HD displays to find the ones that can deliver the broadest range of available HD content and an easy-to-use guest experience,” Bankers explained. He noted that LodgeNet designates two types of HD displays: HD Integrated models (which do not require a set-top box, thereby giving the entire solution better economics, improved in-room aesthetics, lower power requirements and a host of other benefits), and HD Ready models (which interface with the SIGNETURE HDTV system when installed with the appropriate additional equipment).

Top chains choose LodgeNet HD; Fun, easy-to-use guest experience contributes to leadership position

LodgeNet, which has delivered high-definition programming to hotels since 2003, provides HDTV guest entertainment solutions for Hilton, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt Hotels, Marriott, Kimpton Hotels and other leading chains. “LodgeNet’s SIGNETURE HDTV entertainment platform is easily customized to provide guests with a consistent on-screen brand message that delivers real-time property information along with other branded high-definition hotel content,” stated Peter Klebanoff, Vice President of Sales and Industry Relations for LodgeNet. “Additionally, LodgeNet’s new high-definition interactive TV interface makes it easy and fun for guests to navigate and enjoy free-to-guest, video on demand, and hotel/brand content. These two factors have combined to help make SIGNETURE HDTV the high-definition guest entertainment platform of choice for hoteliers.”

About LodgeNet

LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation ( is the world leader in interactive TV and broadband solutions to hotels throughout the United States and Canada as well as select international markets. These services include on-demand movies, on-demand games, music and music videos, subscription sports programming, and television on-demand programming, as well as high-speed Internet access; all designed to serve the needs of the lodging industry and the traveling public. LodgeNet provides service to more than one million interactive hotel rooms and serves more than 6,000 hotel properties worldwide. LodgeNet estimates that during 2006, approximately 300 million domestic and international travelers had access to LodgeNet’s interactive television systems. In addition, LodgeNet is a leading innovator in the delivery of on-demand patient education, information, and entertainment to healthcare facilities. LodgeNet is listed on NASDAQ and trades under the symbol LNET.


Ann Parker    

Director of Corporate Communications    

LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation


Media Contact:

Julie Keyser-Squires, APR

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