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One of the World’s Longest Running Recording Studios, Trod Nossel, Celebrates 44 Years In Business

Before circa 1965-66, After 2010

Wallingford, CT (PRWEB) March 8, 2010

Since 1966, Trod Nossel Productions and Recording Studios®, cited by the media as “one of the longest running recording studios of it’s kind in existence,” has been an icon in the music industry since founded by the late, oral surgeon turned music mogul, Thomas ‘Doc’ Cavalier. From 1962-1966, it was Syncron Sound Studios (hence the rare, sought-after Syncron microphones, AU7a and S10) when Doc purchased it before renaming it Trod Nossel 1966.

The studio’s comfortable, vintage vibe houses a collection of memorabilia on its walls; an original letter and release of “No Good To Cry,” by The Wildweeds, from Phil Chess (Chess Records/Cadet label), Andrew Loog Oldham (who describes “life on the Trod Nossel Studios lot” as “an American movie” – Chapter 6 in a Sirius Radio commentary) book cover posters, “Stoned,” and “2Stoned,” early Rolling Stones poster, Motley Crue platinum record for Cub Koda cover “Smokin’ In The Boys Room,” Grammy nominations for Pinetop Perkins, Howlin’ Wolf, and a plethora of recording clients’ CD projects. The two studios have an eclectic blend of analog, boutique, vintage and custom gear, and two independent digital state-of-the-art Pro Tools rigs (HD2/HD3). Everything has a story, from the EMT plate reverb to the Yamaha C7 Grand piano; from the control room (formerly the anechoic chamber built in part by Technical Expert, Danny Zellman), to the vintage Neuman U47s, the main sound room (which doubled as a television studio) and everything in between.

The music publishing and licensing division consists of 10 publishing companies representing over 150 writers. Comprising the 800+ titles from their respective era are some hits throughout the decades such as “No Good To Cry,” by Al Anderson, many by members of The Shags, Bram Rigg Set and Pulse, 96 titles by Cub Koda (best known for “Smokin’ In The Boys Room”), Howard Jeffrey (The Crayons), Nelsen Adelard, Darlene D, Michael DelGuidice, Gene Michael, Cavalier Brothers and a host of others. Selected titles are licensed directly for synchronization to music buyers such as HBO, NBC, Disney, ESPN, etc., and for mechanical licenses directly through the Harry Fox Agency or Carlin America (Cabas). The master catalog consists of well over 5,000 master tapes, including the famed Trod Nossel Concert Series from the 70s featuring unreleased live concerts from Fleetwood Mac, Steppenwolf, Chick Corea and 20 others.

From George Burns and then Yale acting student, Henry Winkler (when the main sound room doubled as a TV studio for The Producers, Inc., another Cavalier production company), to Andrew Loog Oldham, Fleetwood Mac and Grammy nominated blues legends, decades of clients such as Glenn Beck and Vinnie Penn, Inspirational Author Catherine Galasso Vigorito and more recently Sony/Jive Artist R Kelly recording tracks for his latest release, “Untitled,” last month, the client list is impressive and keeps on growing.

In the wake of the 5th anniversary of Doc’s death on January 1, 2010, his company continues to thrive to create, produce, consult, aid, inspire and welcome musicians and artists from all walks of life. Long before the inception of the home studio (“studio in a box”–Doc Cavalier), Trod Nossel Recording Studios had been recording local and major artists, and is the catalyst for launching the careers of many artists through its management division (known as “Rock & Roll Boot Camp” by some musicians previously managed, such as blues artist, Nelsen Adelard, who was managed by Doc in the 70s). Among the gamut of services with impact on the industry, it inspired engineers and current studio owners to set up shop through its audio engineering, computer recording classes (since the early 70s) and work training programs; it was the first to bring the public into the studio as spectators, teach engineering, duplicate tapes and CDs on site, and provide technical and career consultation. The thrust and passion of the organization has always been about the music; managing acts, producing records, and publishing and licensing songs. In the early 90s the Miracle Concerts division booked national and regional shows for then up-and-coming acts like Ellen DeGeneres, Queen Latifah, Gilbert Godfried, The Beach Boys and the Spin Doctors, to name a few.

The main 7,000 sq. ft. studio is one of 3 buildings on 3 acres of land, one being band rehearsal rooms. It is a 3 acre “music compound;” private, fenced, and at the end of a dead end street — a place to make music. Back in the day people like Donovan, whose only request was a basketball hoop installed in the back lot of The Barn (a 10,000 sq. foot building located behind the studio), played basketball between takes. You will always hear music just about any time you pull onto the property; whether it’s coming from the rehearsal spaces, the A&R office, or the recording studio, which delivers sessions 24/7. Due to the size of the lot and access to the studio, some filmmakers have expressed an interest in setting up shop there.

Besides a myriad of Doc’isms like the “moth around the light bulb theory,” if Doc passed on nothing else but perseverance to his offspring, Cavalier siblings Darlene, Tommy and Robbie did not let the adversity surrounding Doc’s death slow them down. Now run by the trio and their dedicated staff, in 2008 a collection of 60s psychedelic garage rock songs from the vault was released on Sundazed Records called, “Don’t Press Your Luck.” The company has regrouped, reorganized and gained momentum, formed new business ventures and partnerships, accredited experiential learning programs and signed several publishing deals in 2009. For 2010, several undisclosed ventures are in progress. Darlene Cavalier, CEO/Executive Director: background in contract negotiation, business development and executive consultation (Fairfield University, CT, Quinnipiac University, CT, Dean College, MA – Business Administration/Management Information Systems, Grammy Committee New York Chapter – Voting Member, MRT I/RIAA Certified, IP Certified); Robbie Cavalier, President/CFO: Grammy Nominated Mixing/Mastering Engineer, Network and Technical Expert (MRT I & II/RIAA Certified); Tommy Cavalier, President/Director, Miracle Concerts Booking Agency Division (University of New Haven, CT – Music Business Administration, NACA, IACEP)



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Welcome to New York’s World-Class Recording Facility

Ken and Alex at the SSL in Studio A

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 28, 2010

Located in the Queens neighborhood of Long Island City, [OASYS MUSIC GROUP takes suite in the Spin Recording Complex.

Owners Ken Goldfeder and Alex Morelli invite you into their pod-based production suite, where the magic of creativity, talent, drive and a proven track record of excellence and camaraderie begin……..and end in a final product that will get the attention it deserves.

The 650-square-foot live room features a striking staggered ceiling, open well-controlled acoustics, and the famed former Bearsville Yamaha C6 grand piano. A newly acquired 68-channel SSL 4064G/G+ console is the center piece of the highly comfortable 450-square-foot control room. Meanwhile, a well-equipped B room with an Amek 44-channel console and Pro Tools HD3 handles the overflow. The four production suites each contain their own vocal booth with a common lounge and kitchen. There is also an expansive rooftop to recharge your creative juices in between sessions.

OASYS MUSIC GROUP is the result of a merger of Oasys Recording Studios and ETV Productions. In addition to the Long Island City location, OASYS MUSIC GROUP has a secondary location in West New York, New Jersey with attractive rates within a short distance from Manhattan.

Ken Goldfeder is an accomplished composer and producer with some highly acclaimed work in the demanding world of TV, film, commercials and record production. Credits include Madonna, Trent Reznor, Sony Records, Interscope Records, Amira, and Primitive Puppet. Alex Morelli is a producer and studio manager at OASYS MUSIC GROUP. As a professional musician, songwriter, engineer, producer and arranger, Alex is very versatile at producing many styles including Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, World, Jazz, and Advant Garde. He has had the pleasure of working with top notch artists, producers and labels such as: Sony Music, Interscope Records, Vinny Nicoletti, and Universal Records.


Music Production (see website for full list)

Equipme nt

SSL G/G+ 4064, Pro Tools HD-2, Genelec 1034B mains (See website for full list)

Rates – (see website)



Please Visit Us On




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NAC Image Technology Receives Emmy from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for their High Speed Camera Systems Enabling HD Super Slow Motion Capture, Recording and Playback

Simi Valley, California (PRWEB) December 7, 2010

NAC Image Technology Inc. is honored to be selected to receive an Emmy award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for the 2009/2010 Technical Engineering Awards. The Emmy is awarded for work in “HD Super Slow Motion Systems for acquisition, recording, and playback in Broadcast, Entertainment and Sports Productions.” The award is in recognition of NAC’s innovations in sports broadcasting and further acknowledges leadership position of NAC Image Technology Inc. in the development of super slow motion digital camera systems.

“We are extremely happy to be honored with this award,” said Mr. Kenichi Ueki, President of NAC Image Technology Inc. “NAC has a long history working with super slow motion camera systems, also known as high speed cameras. They’ve played an integral role in NAC’s 50+ years of success in the entertainment industry. We’ve been fortunate to be able work with strong partners like NHK, ARRI Media, and Fletcher Chicago. With their help, NAC’s high speed camera systems have been embraced by broadcasters for live coverage of the World Cup events in Germany and South Africa, the Olympic Games in Beijing and Vancouver, and a variety of prominent professional sporting events.”

“The Memrecam Hi-Motion is the camera that embodies the NAC award-winning technology,” Mr. Ueki added. “This camera was developed in cooperation with NHK and is the first high speed broadcast camera in the world with real HD quality based upon 3-chip technology. Designed specifically for sports broadcasting, the Hi-Motion fits seamlessly into the workflow of sports broadcast environments, requiring no additional operators.”

About NAC Image Technology

NAC Image Technology is committed to advancing the technology for HD Super Slow Motion Systems for use in Broadcast, Entertainment, and Sports Productions. Benefiting from its experience with the Memrecam Hi-Motion, NAC will make use of its know-how by taking the next step in the evolution of this technology. NAC’s high speed camera technology is capable of capturing hundreds of thousands of images per second, but 1000 frames-per-second is optimal for most HDTV super slow motion applications. As a result, NAC product development is focused not on increasing image capture speed but rather on the integration of the high speed camera system with the sports broadcast work flow while optimizing camera light sensitivity.

A sneak peak at the fruits of this development effort is available at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas (booth C7241) when NAC introduces the Memrecam Hi-Motion II.

To Learn More About NAC Image Technology, Visit

Press Contact:

Barbara Hood

Communications Manager

NAC Image Technology

805-584-8862 x 115



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Devices like DVRs or PVRs allow one to record a show or TV program for the users to watch later; the programs thus saved get stored on a memory hard drive. Digital video recording is possible with a separate stand alone box, but there are many electronics that have the DVR incorporated: this is the case with computers and mobile phones that have built-in digital cameras. There are even television sets that are manufactured with an incorporated digital video recording system.

People greatly appreciate the possibility to review the most interesting scenes or to skip advertisements which are possible thanks to the time-shifting technology. Microsoft commonly designs softwares for the DVR industry, which means that the support for the market sector is very high. Digital video recording now defines web applications enjoying an incredible public support. To understand the phenomenon it suffices to say that lots of satellite and cable service providers have incorporated digital video recording features in their set-top boxes.

With the growing dominance of digital television, digital video recording gained one further step to massive dominance since the digital stream broadcast by the channel is stored directly on the memory disk. And the 2003-introduction of the dual tuner changed things for the better once more. You can thus record a program on a channel while watching another one.

The combined camera-recorder or camcorder is one further innovation worth mentioning here. Moreover, recording, capturing and editing entered a new phase of evolution. The advantages of such a technology are very numerous, and we have come to use it extensively for a huge number of applications. Almost everybody now uses a camcorder when going on vacation or when trying to capture some very special motion pictures. Amateurish digital video recording has gained predominance.

The great part of digital video recording is that you don’t have to be very skilled or have technical knowledge. Electronics run almost automatically when you have the right device. Professional videographers do take digital video recording at a different level of editing and processing, but they have the tools and the skills to perform very complex jobs with highly advanced camcorders. Just watch them at work and you’ll see that it’s an art and a science to shoot great digital pictures with a full manual control of the device.

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The Nokia N8 featuring a powerful 12 megapixel camera for HD video recording and image capture runs the Symbian 3 operating system which has an intuitive user interface and offers up to 3 customisable home screens. The handset also features impressive location based services and easy email and messaging.
The phone is a full touch bar design with a sleek anodised aluminium casing with a large 3.5 inch capacitive display with 16:9 (widescreen) ratio and nHD (640 by 360 pixels) AMOLED resolution to provide up to 16.7 million colours  vividly. Along with the physical menu key on et front of the device, there are also a dedicated camera, and volume keys. Meanwhile, there is full finger-touch support for text input via the on-screen alphanumeric keypad and full keyboards respectively, and full user interface control. 
The N8 runs the Symbian 3 operating system which supports software updates Over the Air (FOTA) and over the internet (FOTI) making it seamless to keep up to date. Key applications which are preinstalled include a calendar and contacts which automatically update with social networks such as Facebook, a music player besides the integrated FM radio featured, Ovi Store for widgets and applications to be downloaded among other things and document viewers for email attachments which are supported (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and ZIP respectively). There are also PC applications available for syncing the handset via the microUSB connector with support for high-speed USB 2.0 and USB on-the-go. Other connectivity includes an FM transmitter, Bluetooth 3.0 and an HDMI connector to connect to an HD television for HD video playback. 
The handset includes a powerful 12 megapixel camera featuring Carl Zeiss optics and a Xenon flash with automatic red-eye removal and other features for image capture such as face detection, manual controls and up to 2x digital zoom. You are also provided the full screen as viewfinder to make it easy to capture the image still. Videos are recorded in High Definition (HD) quality and have up to 3x digital zoom. Both images and videos can be edited on the handset, and both have automatic Geotagging also. Additionally, there is a secondary VGA front-facing camera for video calling.
The Nokia N8 features the combination of both a powerful mobile handset and a powerful digital camera for both great image capture and HD video recording. Meanwhile, its mobile phone features include an easy-to-use user interface offering a full HTML web browser, unified email client and more.

The Nokia E7 has an 8 megapixel camera for windscreen HD video recording as well as capturing greta images on the move. It also has a full QWERTY keyboard which slides out form beneath its large 4 inch touch display. 
The handset features the Symbian 3 operating system for Nokia and offers Software updates Over the air, and the internet (FOTA and FOTI respectively), along with Flash Lite 4.0 for Flash web applications, in addition to its full HTML web browser, allowing you to seamlessly view full web pages with simple touch controls and a visual browser history. There is also support for video streaming from the Internet, which includes support for YouTube. The handset offers a large 4 inch ClearBlack display which provides greater visibility when outside and in natural sunlight, while also offering 16:9 widescreen ratio and High Definition nHD AMOLED screen technology, for vivid graphics and video display.
The E7 offers a full slide out QWERTY keyboard along with onscreen keyboards, for optimal accessibility and choice of text input, along with simple touch controls of the user interface which offers up to three customisable home screens for differing screens, themes, shortcuts and more. This allows you to separate the one handset into a phone for personal, work and social use, as examples. Additionally, you can set both music and video ringtones up for the handset when you receive incoming calls. Connectivity offered includes Bluetooth 3.0 and High Speed USB 2.0 meanwhile, via the microUSB connector and joint charger. There is also an audio jack connector (3.5mm) for headphones when listening to the phones music player with your music library on, the internal FM radio offered, or soundtrack to your HD videos. 
The handset has an 8 megapixel rear facing auto focus camera with a dual LED flash and capturing images in widescreen using the fullscreen 16:9 viewfinder. Image capture has up to 2 times digital zoom also, while video capture ahas up to 3 times digital zoom, and is also in High Definition. Media can be viewed back on the handset for enjoyment, shared with friends via social networks such as Facebook, or alternatively HD videos can be watched on a compatible HD television or laptop screen using the HDMI connectivity also offered. 
The Nokia E7 is a compact and powerful handset which offers many great features for both personal and business use, including Mail for Exchange and the ability to edit office documents. The 8 megapixel camera immediately sets it apart form many rival handsets allowing you to create simply stunning videos in HD and images also.

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WM Recording Studios Upgrades and Develops a New Alliance with Matthew Earl Jones in Phoenix Arizona

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) December 28, 2006

WM Recording Studios ( was founded in Europe by Wade Martin in 1996, the company is a subsidiary of JWM Records and held by JWM Enterprises.

Wade is considered an elite music producer, engineer, artist and entrepreneur by some of the biggest names in entertainment and contemporary business. Everyone from the late Peter Walters (Founder of the “Make-A-Wish-Foundation”) to Michael Mancini (multi platinum music producer) has publicly acknowledged Wade’s formidable presence. As part of an elite group of music producers that record all their own instrumentation within their work, Wade is credited for playing over twenty different instruments. When you hear a WM song on the radio or online etc, 99% of the time he’s playing all the instruments. Wade also arranges, mixes, produces in his own recording studios and then orchestrates the distribution and promotion of his work and others.

Wade’s track record speaks for itself, he’s cracked the US top 40 which is the hardest record chart in the world to break and did this in as little as eight weeks. He’s succeeded by appealing to a diverse market from Rock to New Age lovers and almost everything in-between and he’s done this by using his trench by trench tactics that are constantly being refined to maximize results in an ever changing market. In addition, Wade is an active beta tester for Digidesign helping them bring the most advanced Digi products to market.

WM Recording Studios serves as one of many crowning achievements for Wade. Servicing customers all over the world from R&B, Hip Pop, Rap, Rock, AC, to even science-based new age that studies the links to brain waves. More than just another recording studio due to the huge investments made in sample libraries and other top “producer” tools that other recording studios would never consider, due to the typical needs of a traditional recording studio which is normally record, mix and maybe master if they have the ability. Needless to say, clients love to use these WM producing tools to make their music stand out. The recording studio features some of the best engineers in the state, that also happen to be great music producers to back up Wade and help all clients meet there visions. Having one of the best mastering services in town is also an added benefit so clients can get it all done under one roof.

The Recording Studio has upgraded their (A) room to the most powerful Pro Tools rig in the southwest “HD 6 Ver7.3″ along with a HUGE selection of the most sought after TDM Plug-ins in the world. In addition, a significant investment has been made in order to bare the “SSL studio” name by the purchase of brand new super analog SSL outboard gear. With a reputation of surpassing the expectations of all clients, it’s no wonder the WM Recording Studios has become the success it has. The perfect balance of style, quality and comfort, Wade understands the importance of having a comfortable environment to work in, which is one of the keys to achieving the right vision.

A new chapter has dawned for WM Recording Studios in 2007 thanks to Wade’s relationship with Matthew Earl Jones founder of “Translight pictures.” The recording studio has a new alliance with this movie production powerhouse and consequently will be handling all their post audio for their upcoming movies. Matthew is the son of the actor “Robert Earl Jones” and the brother of actor James Earl Jones. Matthew chose a long time ago to share his talents behind the camera to find much success. In addition to running Translight Pictures Matthew has also picked up where his father left off by also running the “Earl Jones Institute” ( Founded in 1983 in New York City by his Father Robert its original mission was to assist women and minorities pursuing careers in acting. In May of 2004, Robert retired as president of the organization he founded, and appointed his son, producer Matthew Earl Jones, as his successor. Under Matthew’s direction the mission of the organization was expanded to include assisting women and minorities working behind the camera, as well as in front.

The relationship between the two companies will certainly rival that of “Warner Brothers” in the near future. With the ability of making feature films and placing music at the top of the charts, the sky’s the limit. Please visit the “WM Recording Studios” web site for more information.

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Yo yo yo hope this helped. Stats tv : Computer: iMac 27” i5 quadcore 2.66 ghz 4 gb ram Hd pvr: sverige: eng: microphone: rendering stats: recording app eye tv 3: Codec: H.264 – 59.94 fps – 720p – 800 kb/s apps: imovie 09 // final cut express // after effects headset: turtle beaches x31s. TO all swedes. i ordered them from the uk. google it. Halo reach k/d ratio 1.6

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