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One of the World’s Longest Running Recording Studios, Trod Nossel, Celebrates 44 Years In Business

Before circa 1965-66, After 2010

Wallingford, CT (PRWEB) March 8, 2010

Since 1966, Trod Nossel Productions and Recording Studios®, cited by the media as “one of the longest running recording studios of it’s kind in existence,” has been an icon in the music industry since founded by the late, oral surgeon turned music mogul, Thomas ‘Doc’ Cavalier. From 1962-1966, it was Syncron Sound Studios (hence the rare, sought-after Syncron microphones, AU7a and S10) when Doc purchased it before renaming it Trod Nossel 1966.

The studio’s comfortable, vintage vibe houses a collection of memorabilia on its walls; an original letter and release of “No Good To Cry,” by The Wildweeds, from Phil Chess (Chess Records/Cadet label), Andrew Loog Oldham (who describes “life on the Trod Nossel Studios lot” as “an American movie” – Chapter 6 in a Sirius Radio commentary) book cover posters, “Stoned,” and “2Stoned,” early Rolling Stones poster, Motley Crue platinum record for Cub Koda cover “Smokin’ In The Boys Room,” Grammy nominations for Pinetop Perkins, Howlin’ Wolf, and a plethora of recording clients’ CD projects. The two studios have an eclectic blend of analog, boutique, vintage and custom gear, and two independent digital state-of-the-art Pro Tools rigs (HD2/HD3). Everything has a story, from the EMT plate reverb to the Yamaha C7 Grand piano; from the control room (formerly the anechoic chamber built in part by Technical Expert, Danny Zellman), to the vintage Neuman U47s, the main sound room (which doubled as a television studio) and everything in between.

The music publishing and licensing division consists of 10 publishing companies representing over 150 writers. Comprising the 800+ titles from their respective era are some hits throughout the decades such as “No Good To Cry,” by Al Anderson, many by members of The Shags, Bram Rigg Set and Pulse, 96 titles by Cub Koda (best known for “Smokin’ In The Boys Room”), Howard Jeffrey (The Crayons), Nelsen Adelard, Darlene D, Michael DelGuidice, Gene Michael, Cavalier Brothers and a host of others. Selected titles are licensed directly for synchronization to music buyers such as HBO, NBC, Disney, ESPN, etc., and for mechanical licenses directly through the Harry Fox Agency or Carlin America (Cabas). The master catalog consists of well over 5,000 master tapes, including the famed Trod Nossel Concert Series from the 70s featuring unreleased live concerts from Fleetwood Mac, Steppenwolf, Chick Corea and 20 others.

From George Burns and then Yale acting student, Henry Winkler (when the main sound room doubled as a TV studio for The Producers, Inc., another Cavalier production company), to Andrew Loog Oldham, Fleetwood Mac and Grammy nominated blues legends, decades of clients such as Glenn Beck and Vinnie Penn, Inspirational Author Catherine Galasso Vigorito and more recently Sony/Jive Artist R Kelly recording tracks for his latest release, “Untitled,” last month, the client list is impressive and keeps on growing.

In the wake of the 5th anniversary of Doc’s death on January 1, 2010, his company continues to thrive to create, produce, consult, aid, inspire and welcome musicians and artists from all walks of life. Long before the inception of the home studio (“studio in a box”–Doc Cavalier), Trod Nossel Recording Studios had been recording local and major artists, and is the catalyst for launching the careers of many artists through its management division (known as “Rock & Roll Boot Camp” by some musicians previously managed, such as blues artist, Nelsen Adelard, who was managed by Doc in the 70s). Among the gamut of services with impact on the industry, it inspired engineers and current studio owners to set up shop through its audio engineering, computer recording classes (since the early 70s) and work training programs; it was the first to bring the public into the studio as spectators, teach engineering, duplicate tapes and CDs on site, and provide technical and career consultation. The thrust and passion of the organization has always been about the music; managing acts, producing records, and publishing and licensing songs. In the early 90s the Miracle Concerts division booked national and regional shows for then up-and-coming acts like Ellen DeGeneres, Queen Latifah, Gilbert Godfried, The Beach Boys and the Spin Doctors, to name a few.

The main 7,000 sq. ft. studio is one of 3 buildings on 3 acres of land, one being band rehearsal rooms. It is a 3 acre “music compound;” private, fenced, and at the end of a dead end street — a place to make music. Back in the day people like Donovan, whose only request was a basketball hoop installed in the back lot of The Barn (a 10,000 sq. foot building located behind the studio), played basketball between takes. You will always hear music just about any time you pull onto the property; whether it’s coming from the rehearsal spaces, the A&R office, or the recording studio, which delivers sessions 24/7. Due to the size of the lot and access to the studio, some filmmakers have expressed an interest in setting up shop there.

Besides a myriad of Doc’isms like the “moth around the light bulb theory,” if Doc passed on nothing else but perseverance to his offspring, Cavalier siblings Darlene, Tommy and Robbie did not let the adversity surrounding Doc’s death slow them down. Now run by the trio and their dedicated staff, in 2008 a collection of 60s psychedelic garage rock songs from the vault was released on Sundazed Records called, “Don’t Press Your Luck.” The company has regrouped, reorganized and gained momentum, formed new business ventures and partnerships, accredited experiential learning programs and signed several publishing deals in 2009. For 2010, several undisclosed ventures are in progress. Darlene Cavalier, CEO/Executive Director: background in contract negotiation, business development and executive consultation (Fairfield University, CT, Quinnipiac University, CT, Dean College, MA – Business Administration/Management Information Systems, Grammy Committee New York Chapter – Voting Member, MRT I/RIAA Certified, IP Certified); Robbie Cavalier, President/CFO: Grammy Nominated Mixing/Mastering Engineer, Network and Technical Expert (MRT I & II/RIAA Certified); Tommy Cavalier, President/Director, Miracle Concerts Booking Agency Division (University of New Haven, CT – Music Business Administration, NACA, IACEP)



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Jada Toys Returns to CRM Studios in Texas for Second Flight of TV Commercials

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX (PRWEB) September 23, 2010

For the second year in a row, Jada Toys of City of Industry, California, selected CRM Studios of Las Colinas, Texas, to produce its Battle Machines TV commercials for the fall season.

The decision to return to CRM Studios for the upcoming product release was based on CRM’s exemplary work on the first spots for Battle Machines in 2009. Production will once again utilize CRM’s “all under one roof” capabilities strategy, which compliments the spots’ need for combining live-action with animation. CRM touts an award-winning animation department under its “script-to-screen” production company arrangement, as well as a complete production/post production team of 28+ professionals to help develop, shoot, edit, animate and finish any spot.

“We once again chose CRM Studios because of the commitment to excellence they demonstrated last year,” said Frank Tzeng, General Manager of Jada Toys. “We appreciate the time they spend to really learn the product before the spots are developed. That means we get a level of work that includes the nuances of what makes a breakthrough product line so special.”

The thirty-second spot, along with two fifteen-second spots, will air on children’s programming this fall. The commercials support Jada’s new second generation of Battle Machines-Laser Combat Tag R/C toy. The second-generation product line includes different licensed Ford F-350 and Chevy Silverado 3500HD stylized trucks with laser cannons mounted on each vehicle’s hood. The first to score three hits while outmaneuvering the other licensed, custom vehicle wins! The Battle Machines product line was the first of its kind to combine the thrill of RC racing with the strategy of laser combat tag.

“CRM has a reputation within the toy market to produce high-quality toy spots at a reasonable price,” said Steve Dunning, CEO of CRM Studios and commercial director of both this year’s and last year’s spots.

Matthew Golding, Vice President of Marketing and Product development for Jada said, “This is the second time we’ve worked with CRM because we knew we’d not only get more exciting footage on the screen, but also the most value for the budget. CRM knows how to deliver a great commercial—and we are eager to see the spot drive business when it hits TV this fall!”

About Jada Toys, Inc.: Now in its eleventh year, Jada Toys, Inc. is a privately-held, leading manufacturer of authentically licensed and highly stylized die-cast collectibles, radio control vehicles, and toys. Popular brands produced by Jada include DUB City, Big Time Muscle, NexGen Muscle, and High Profile. Jada has also acquired major toy licenses for top brands such as NASCAR, Marvel Entertainment, Guitar Hero, Speed Racer and Chop Socky Chooks. Jada Toys’ products can be found in major retail and hobby stores worldwide, including Walmart, Target, Kmart, and Toys “R” Us. For more information, please visit

About CRM Studios: CRM Studios, a top-tier production/post-production communications company, produces commercials and projects for entertainment, corporate, government, and non-profit organizations. Director Steve Dunning has directed over 25 toy spots in his career with CRM. Clients include GameStop, Kinetix, Dillard’s, Alcon Laboratories, Burlington-Northern Railroad, Buxton Corporation, Northrop Grumman, CEC Entertainment, Williamson-Dickie and many others. Additional information can be found at


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WM Recording Studios Upgrades and Develops a New Alliance with Matthew Earl Jones in Phoenix Arizona

Chandler, AZ (PRWEB) December 28, 2006

WM Recording Studios ( was founded in Europe by Wade Martin in 1996, the company is a subsidiary of JWM Records and held by JWM Enterprises.

Wade is considered an elite music producer, engineer, artist and entrepreneur by some of the biggest names in entertainment and contemporary business. Everyone from the late Peter Walters (Founder of the “Make-A-Wish-Foundation”) to Michael Mancini (multi platinum music producer) has publicly acknowledged Wade’s formidable presence. As part of an elite group of music producers that record all their own instrumentation within their work, Wade is credited for playing over twenty different instruments. When you hear a WM song on the radio or online etc, 99% of the time he’s playing all the instruments. Wade also arranges, mixes, produces in his own recording studios and then orchestrates the distribution and promotion of his work and others.

Wade’s track record speaks for itself, he’s cracked the US top 40 which is the hardest record chart in the world to break and did this in as little as eight weeks. He’s succeeded by appealing to a diverse market from Rock to New Age lovers and almost everything in-between and he’s done this by using his trench by trench tactics that are constantly being refined to maximize results in an ever changing market. In addition, Wade is an active beta tester for Digidesign helping them bring the most advanced Digi products to market.

WM Recording Studios serves as one of many crowning achievements for Wade. Servicing customers all over the world from R&B, Hip Pop, Rap, Rock, AC, to even science-based new age that studies the links to brain waves. More than just another recording studio due to the huge investments made in sample libraries and other top “producer” tools that other recording studios would never consider, due to the typical needs of a traditional recording studio which is normally record, mix and maybe master if they have the ability. Needless to say, clients love to use these WM producing tools to make their music stand out. The recording studio features some of the best engineers in the state, that also happen to be great music producers to back up Wade and help all clients meet there visions. Having one of the best mastering services in town is also an added benefit so clients can get it all done under one roof.

The Recording Studio has upgraded their (A) room to the most powerful Pro Tools rig in the southwest “HD 6 Ver7.3″ along with a HUGE selection of the most sought after TDM Plug-ins in the world. In addition, a significant investment has been made in order to bare the “SSL studio” name by the purchase of brand new super analog SSL outboard gear. With a reputation of surpassing the expectations of all clients, it’s no wonder the WM Recording Studios has become the success it has. The perfect balance of style, quality and comfort, Wade understands the importance of having a comfortable environment to work in, which is one of the keys to achieving the right vision.

A new chapter has dawned for WM Recording Studios in 2007 thanks to Wade’s relationship with Matthew Earl Jones founder of “Translight pictures.” The recording studio has a new alliance with this movie production powerhouse and consequently will be handling all their post audio for their upcoming movies. Matthew is the son of the actor “Robert Earl Jones” and the brother of actor James Earl Jones. Matthew chose a long time ago to share his talents behind the camera to find much success. In addition to running Translight Pictures Matthew has also picked up where his father left off by also running the “Earl Jones Institute” ( Founded in 1983 in New York City by his Father Robert its original mission was to assist women and minorities pursuing careers in acting. In May of 2004, Robert retired as president of the organization he founded, and appointed his son, producer Matthew Earl Jones, as his successor. Under Matthew’s direction the mission of the organization was expanded to include assisting women and minorities working behind the camera, as well as in front.

The relationship between the two companies will certainly rival that of “Warner Brothers” in the near future. With the ability of making feature films and placing music at the top of the charts, the sky’s the limit. Please visit the “WM Recording Studios” web site for more information.

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